San Francisco, December 13

On Wednesday, December 13th, Tech Solidarity will be hosting a big, beautiful fundraiser for two extraordinary California candidates, Jessica Holcombe and Marge Doyle.

The fundraiser will be at 88 Colin P. Kelly Street, San Francisco, from 7-9 PM. Everyone is welcome!

Marge Doyle is a registered nurse and health administrator running in California's eighth district, which includes Joshua Tree, Victorville, and much of the Mojave Desert. She decided to run after her congressman asked her to evaluate the Obamacare repeal proposal, and then decided to vote for it despite the fact that it would take 100,000 people off the insurance rolls. You can read my interview with Marge here.

Jessica Holcombe is a business lawyer running in California's first district, which includes most of the state north of Sacramento, including the cities of Chico and Redding. She was drafted by her local chapter of Indivisible, after it became clear that the incumbent (Doug LaMalfa) would toe the Trump party line no matter how it affected people in the district. You can read my interview with Jessica here.

Both of these districts are full of amazing natural beauty. They are also poor and geographically vast, making fundraising in them a challenge. Neither of these districts has ever seen a properly-funded Democratic campaign. Together, we can change that!

Despite the weakness of the Republican incumbents, the California Democratic Party has timidly decided these districts aren't worth fighting in. But we don't have to listen to them! In a year when every seat could make the difference in winning the House, let's give Jessica and Marge the funding they need to reach out to voters, open field offices, and travel their district aggressively campaigning against their feckless opponents.

Our goal is to raise over $100,000 in donations to both candidates before the end of the FEC reporting period December 31. They are more than halfway there! A strong fundraising quarter will not only make the national party pay attention, but give them the resources they need to build capacity, register voters, and get their message to every voter in the district.

Come out in numbers, come get excited about our prospects in 2018, and come meet two amazing women who are working to make California blue again!

The rules of Federal election law stipulate you can give a maximum of $2,700 in the primary, and you must be a U.S. citizen or green card holder. Federal contractors are barred from contributing.

If you can't attend the event, please consider donating online to the Tech Solidarity Great Slate of remarkable progressive candidates nationwide.

See you on Wednesday, December 13 at 7:00 PM at 88 Colin P Kelly Jr St (South Park), San Francisco!

Please RSVP to, or +1 415 610 0231 on Signal. Everyone is welcome, whether or not you can give!