NYC Fundraiser, 12/16

Tech Solidarity invites you to a fundraiser at the Community Church of New York in Manhattan at 40 E 35th St on Saturday, December 16th, from 4-6 PM, with our special guest Mr. David Simon!

Come see the man who killed off your favorite Wire character, get fired up about our prospects for 2018, and join us in welcoming four intrepid progressive candidates to New York City.

Our guests at the fundraiser will be:

Marge Doyle
Registered nurse and health administrator running in the eighth district of California, where the nefarious Cadiz company is trying to drain water from under the Mojave Desert to sell it to Orange County.
Jess King
Small business leader, advocate, and Mennonite working mom running in the sixteenth district of Pennsylvania. Her district, which includes Lancaster, hosts more refugees than anyplace else in the United States.
Mad Hildebrandt

History instructor and Coast Guard veteran running in the second district of New Mexico, an open seat with majority Democratic voters, where 44% of the population is on Medicaid.

Paul Spencer

History teacher and pecan farmer, drafted to run by his former students in the second district of Arkansas (Little Rock), and running against a wealthy banker.

Each of these four candidates has assembled a skilled campaign team, and is pursuing a strategy that hinges on reaching new voters. But the high level of poverty in these districts makes fundraising a challenge.

Let’s give these candidates the resources they need to organize in their districts, and do it early enough so their time-consuming but essential voter expansion efforts can bear fruit.

Following opening remarks by Mr. Simon, each candidate will speak about their district and their campaign for 15 minutes. There will be time to meet the candidates and their staff individually at the end of the event.

Those attending are requested to donate if they can. You can donate using the links above, or bring your checkbook with you on the day of the event.

Please RSVP to: so I know you're coming!

The event space is wheelchair accessible.

Fine print: an individual may contribute up to $2,700 to a Congressional primary. Only U.S. citizens and permanent residents may donate. Federal contractors are barred from donating by election law.